Fall Winter 2021/2022
Energized by lush and vibrant colors, the new Blumarine Fall/Winter 2021/22 advertising campaign unleash the charm of an enchanted garden, of a girl with an intense and enigmatic beauty who turns into a sparkling fairy creature.
A modern fable where butterfly wings, a delicate symbol of frivolity and mysterious transformation, hints to the rite of passage from the carefree spirit of youth to the conscious assumption of the feminine power of seduction and nature becomes an integral part of this evolution more than ever.
The creative director of the brand, Nicola Brognano, entrusts the translation into visual language to Harley Weir, a photographer with a distinctly intimate trait, able to interpret an imaginary full of expectation, metamorphosis and magic, with strong references to pictorial art.
It is the new Blumarine that evolves and takes shape, reinterpreting the most romantic femininity through a sensual, young and provocative lens.