Spring Summer 2022
Sexy. Alluring. Racy.

The Blumarine woman shows off her body with confidence. She’s free. No false modesty. She wants to be seen — she’s no wallflower. Seduction to her is as easy as a breeze — frivolous, feminine.

Creative Director Nicola Brognano writes a new intriguing lexicon for Blumarine. For Spring Summer 2022 he draws inspiration from the pop scene of the years 2000 and the glam, impactful look of its female icons.

Sexy and cheeky, sassy and glam, the collection plays on transparencies and bare skin. Colors are loud, fluorescent—to be at the center of attention. For the Blumarine girls, going unnoticed isn’t an option.

Low-slung cargo pants are meant for evening parties, made in flimsy day glo chiffon and worn with matching cropped tops baring the midriff. Hot pants are teeny-weeny. Bikinis are for the beach, but they can go straight to the wildest party when beaded, fringed and enbroidered with vintage florals. Cropped Bluvi trimmed with raw-hemmed silk roses, or crocheted in recycled polyester, or else collared in repurposed mink can be tossed over the shoulders—with sexy nonchalance. Second-skin low-rise bell bottoms in airbrushed leather look cool when paired with a tight cropped biker jacket. Tiger-printed chiffon slipdresses are short, asymmetrical, see-through and voluptuous.

Frivolous and free as the butterflies punctuating the collection — embroidered, intarsia-ed, cut-out or appliquéd—, the Blumarine girls want to be sexy and seductive. They want to have fun and to intrigue. They are always true to themselves.