We feel, therefore we are, in a heartbeat

Blumarine is a feeling.
A sense which is there even before the dressing starts.
A romantic burst, full of joy and lightheartedness.

Liberating gusts of freedom: now, this is a romantic feeling!

Romanticism is stupor: an openness to the world, its imperfections.
Romanticism is strength: the bliss of being oneself.
Romanticism is rebellion: the ability to sense the depth of emotions and let them mold one’s life and appearance.

Come as you feel.

Spontaneity, artistry, a will to ditch imposed rules for personal ones: is there anything more romantic?
And is there anything more rebellious than being just so? Romanticism is not sentimentalism,
but the urge of self-expression through emotions, in every way and every day, radically and irreverently.

As a feeling, Blumarine is made of many feelings.
Joy, lightness, creativity. Love and seduction. Spontaneity and trueness. Intimacy. Irony.
Emotions that connect kindred spirits and grow into further emotions.

Everyone is welcome.
Come as you are.

She, he, they are romantic.
Feelings unite people. For what they are, for their courage in being themselves.
It takes courage to be true to oneself, and passion.

Romantic is not sweet. It can be, but there’s so much more to it.
A rose, after all, has thorns.

Duality, plurality, multiplicity.
Yesterday and tomorrow, fragile and strong, playful and provocative, joyful and rigorous, soulful and bodycon,
girl and woman, man and boy: facets of the same spirit. Infinite variety, that’s it.

A romantic harmony that’s full of tension: the giddiness of frivolity. And then, all of a sudden, a certain harshness.
The delicacy of a slipdress, or the affirmative stance of dressing like a man. Flowers, and animal spots.
A man in synch with his romantic side, poetic in a suit or disheveled in broken layers. Why choosing,
when one can be everything?

Dresses and clothes are never just dresses and clothes, but emotions, sentiments,
moods: outside projections of one’s inner world.

Molding one’s appearance according to what feelings dictate: now, that is a true story! A romantic one.