Fall Winter 2024/2025
Have you ever stumbled on a beautiful stranger on the street and got the feeling of somebody you’d really like to know?

Those passersby, today, meander through the rooms. They get close, probably make eye contact. Maybe they go by absent-mindedly, lighthearted and oblivious in their attire that speaks of the freedom in being who they are. Expressing themselves through emotions, and the glee of getting dressed, is their way of being radical, every day.

Here she is, in a leopard coat and knickers; there he is, naked underneath the sheepskin fur. One dons lace opera gloves, playing the dame; another is in a camel coat, probably inherited. Ophelia and the girl in a lurex romper are followed by ladies in marabou pompons, and boys in disheveled flowers. A few ran through the archive, and got what they liked.

Yesterday and tomorrow, fragile and strong, playful and provocative, cheerful and strict, soulful and bodycon, girl and woman, man and boy: facets of complexity, solved in a romantic harmony that’s full of tension, with a liberating jolt of frivolity.

What matters here is the openness to the world, its imperfections.
Blumarine, after all, is a feeling: the joy of being oneself.

Everyone is welcome.
Come as you are.

ART DIRECTION: Christopher Simmonds
STYLING: Jonathan Kaye